Veysel Simsek

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Henry Chauncey Jr. '57 Postdoctoral Fellow
“The Grand Strategy of the Ottoman Empire, 1826–1841”
Simsek comes to ISS having held a postdoc at McGill’s Indian Ocean World Centre and having completed his PhD at McMaster with Virginia Aksan. His project is emphatically grand strategic, examining strategies enacted by the Ottoman ruling elite intended to preserve the empire’s integrity and re-establish the authority of the central state based in Istanbul. He’s looking at an understudied period (1789–1856) to offer a reappraisal of the pivotal Tanzimat era. At ISS, he will revise the book to include more concerted discussion of Ottoman diplomacy, as well as the empire’s naval and military-industrial build-up. His is an ambitious project, and may encourage connections between ISS and Eurasian/Middle East/comparative specialists in modern/early modern history, political science, and sociology at Yale.