John Gaddis

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Brady-Johnson Distinguished Fellow in Grand Strategy

John Lewis Gaddis is the Robert A. Lovett Professor of Military and Naval History at Yale. He joined the Yale faculty in 1997, and has served periodically as Acting Director of ISS, as well as Chair of the International Affairs Council at the Whitney and Betty MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies. In the past decade, Professor Gaddis has published Surprise, Security, and the American Experience (Harvard, 2004), an updated edition of Strategies of Containment: A Critical Appraisal of American National Security Policy During the Cold War (Oxford, 2005), and The Cold War: A New History (Penguin, 2005). He has won two teaching awards at Yale, the Phi Beta Kappa William Clyde DeVane Award (2003) and the Harwood Byrnes-Richard Sewall Prize (2008). His most recent book, George F. Kennan: An American Life (Penguin, 2011), won several major book prizes, including the Pulitzer.