James Cameron publishes pieces on the Cold War

September 27, 2016

James Cameron, who was a Chauncey postdoctoral fellow in the 2015-16 academic year, has recently published two articles:

“Moscow, 1972” in Kristina Spohr & David Reynolds (eds), Transcending the Cold War: Summits, Statecraft, and the Dissolution of Bipolarity in Europe, 1970-1990 (OUP: Oxford, 2016), 67-91.


with Or Rabinowitz, “Eight Lost Years? Nixon, Ford, Kissinger and the Non-Proliferation Regime, 1969–1977” in Journal of Strategic Studies (http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/01402390.2015.1101682).

Dr. Cameron’s first book, The Secret Struggle: The Rise and Demise of America’s First Missile Defense System, 1961–1972, is under contract with Oxford University Press (USA). The author of publications on transatlantic and US–Soviet relations, his research focuses on the nexus between nuclear strategy and domestic politics. He holds an MA and PhD in History from the University of Cambridge and an MPhil in Russian and East European Studies from the University of Oxford.