Howard R. Lamar Faculty Awards for Service to Alumni presented to Charles Hill; The Brady-Johnson Distinguished Fellow in Grand Strategy, lecturer in International Studies at Yale University

April 28, 2017

Faculty members Akhil Amar, Charles Hill, and Jonathan Holloway were presented Howard R. Lamar Faculty Awards for Service to Alumni on April 28 at a luncheon hosted by the Association of Yale Alumni (AYA).

Presented by the AYA Board of Governors, the awards celebrate the contributions faculty make to alumni programs and honor those who have demonstrated exemplary leadership for alumni relations by the ways in which, through their scholarship and activities, they have rendered service to the Yale family worldwide.

Mary E. Miller ’81 Ph.D., Sterling Professor of the History of Art and one of last year’s Lamar Award recipients spoke at the ceremony. Rahul Prasad ’84 Ph.D., chair of the AYA Board of Governors, presented the awards.

First presented in 2014, the awards are named for Lamar, the 21st president of the university and Sterling Professor Emeritus of History, who was one of the inaugural recipients, along with professors Marie Borroff, Donald Kagan, and Vincent Scully Jr. Professors Laurie Santos and Paul Bracken received the awards in 2015, and John Lewis Gaddis and Miller in 2016.