Grand Strategy program celebrates 15 years of promoting global leadership

October 18, 2016

The Brady-Johnson Program in Grand Strategy at Yale hosted an alumni reunion conference on Oct. 14 and 15 that focused on commemorating the first 15 years of the program, debating key current grand strategic issues and discussing the future direction of the program.

During the two-day conference, alumni, faculty, and current students in the Grand Strategy program discussed and debated contemporary issues, including China’s economic and geopolitical grand strategy, the future of health and the environment, and current security challenges in Russia and Europe. Highlights of the program included a conversation with Gaddis, Kennedy, and Hill reflecting on the original concepts central to the program and their continued relevance today (video below), as well as a bipartisan keynote panel featuring two former National Security advisers, Tom Donilon (2010-2013) and Steve Hadley (2005-2009), who discussed the challenges and opportunities for U.S. foreign policy.

During a seminar focused on the future direction of the program, Grand Strategy Director and Professor Elizabeth Bradley outlined her vision focused on maintaining the core concepts and curriculum of the program, while expanding the principles and methods of grand strategy as relevant to a broad array of contemporary issues. Those issues include security, economic development, political stability, health, and climate sustainability, among other critical topics. You can read more and see photos at Yale News.