Fighting Online Extremism with Education

Marisa Lowe interacting with Indonesians
October 26, 2016

Current Grand Strategy student Marisa Lowe has published an article in the Huffington Post on Fighting Online Extremism with Education. The article discusses radical propaganda on the internet, using the case study of Indonesia. Indonesian “cyber-warriors” work to debunk radical propaganda on the internet, but their effectiveness is difficult to measure. Lowe asserts that greater emphasis should also be placed on education to empower vulnerable populations to make sound judgments on the information they receive. Lowe spent her summer in Indonesia thanks to a Grand Strategy grant from the George Frederick Jewett Foundation, as part of her Studies in Grand Strategy project on Indonesia’s approach to countering violent extremism.

Marisa Lowe is a senior at Yale University. She studies Global Affairs and Security at Yale’s Jackson Institute, where she focuses on issues of terrorism, cyber policy, and national security. She has previously served as an Editor at the Yale Daily News, organized the Congressional Cyber Boot Camp at Stanford, and completed projects on anti-money laundering, countering violent extremism, and post-conflict reintegration.