Christine Leah has a chapter in newly published book on Negotiating the NPT

September 29, 2016

Former Chauncey postdoctoral fellow Christine Leah (2014-2016) has a chapter in the newly published Negotiating the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty: Origins of the Nuclear Order.

Her chapter, titled “Unusual Suspects Down Under: Australia’s Choice for the Nonproliferation Treaty” kicks off Part II of the book, in a section titled “Global and Regional Dynamics in Negotiating the NPT.”

Leah did her graduate work at the Australian National University.  Before accepting a Chauncey postdoctoral Fellowship in 2014, she was a Stanton Post-doctoral Fellow in Nuclear Security at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a visiting fellow at Rajaratnam School of International Studies, a summer research fellow at RAND, and a research intern at IISS-Asia, the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, IISS-London, the French Ministry of Defense, and in the office of Nicolas Sarkozy. She has authored Australia and the Bomb, and has published in Comparative Strategy, the Journal of Strategic Studies, Asian Security, the Australian Journal of International Affairs.  Her next book will address the legacy of nuclear weapons on grand strategy.