Course Syllabus

This two-semester course begins in January with readings in classical works from Sun Tzu to Clausewitz to Kissinger as well as more contemporary works from the post-Cold War era. Students will identify principles of strategy and examine the extent to which these were or were not applied in historical case studies from the Peloponnesian War to the post-Cold War period. During the summer, students will undertake research projects or internships designed to apply resulting insights to the detailed analysis of a particular strategic problem or aspect of strategy, whether of a historical or contemporary character. In the fall, the seminar will turn its attention to fundamental contemporary grand strategic issues. Students must take both semesters for academic credit and fulfill the summer research/internship requirement. A significant number of special events outside of class meeting times throughout the year will be organized as opportunities permit. The two most recent course syllabi are available as a sample. Please click to download: