The Grand Strategy Program: Studies in Grand Strategy, the flagship course of the Brady-Johnson Program in Grand Strategy, is a two-semester, calendar-year interdisciplinary graduate-level seminar offered jointly by the Yale Departments of History and Political Science, and the Yale School of Management. The class investigates methods and materials for teaching and understanding grand strategy. It attracts a select group of undergraduate, graduate, and professional students who, upon completing the course, plan to pursue their own research and career agendas in grand strategy. The aim of the course, like the program as a whole, is to educate students who, in the coming decades, are likely to assume positions of leadership in a variety of public and professional fields.

Application: To apply, provide a one page cover letter, a curriculum vitae of no more than three pages, and an official transcript. Please upload these files as a single pdf, labeled “LastName_FirstName.” The due date for materials is October 16: no applications will be accepted after this date. Applicants will be notified no later than December.

Contact: For any questions, please contact Associate Director Ian Johnson at .