The Brady-Johnson Program in Grand Strategy seeks to promote effective leadership in a complex and globalized world.

Grand Strategy is a comprehensive approach to achieve large ends with limited means. The program examines history and classical literature to explore a diverse range of means used to achieve a range of large ends including global security, economic advancement, health, climate sustainability, and human dignity. The program also develops common sense problem solving capacity through the integration of academic and practical learning.


September 29, 2016
Former Chauncey postdoctoral fellow Christine Leah (2014-2016) has a chapter in the newly published Negotiating the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty: Origins of the Nuclear...
September 27, 2016
James Cameron, who was a Chauncey postdoctoral fellow in the 2015-16 academic year, has recently published two articles: “Moscow, 1972” in Kristina Spohr & David Reynolds...
September 23, 2016
Professor Bryan Garsten had an article published on the cover of the weekend Ideas section of the Wall Street Journal titled, “The Sorry State of American Debate: the...